Huong Duyen Products


We specialize in traditional Vietnamese meat products ranging from Vietnamese hams to beef meatballs. Browse our product catalog below.

Bo Vien (Meat Balls)

Cha Chien (Fried Vietnamese Ham)

Gio Lua (Vietnamese Ham)

Moc Tuoi (Raw Pork Paste)


Huong Duyen Products is a family-owned and operated small business, dedicated to cultivating Vietnamese culture and cuisine by crafting quality meat products used in signature Vietnamese dishes, like Banh mi and Pho. Founded in 1993 by husband and wife, Thinh Tong and Van Ngo, Huong Duyen, quite literally, put dinner on the table for their seven children, and later, 22 grandchildren. They had always reinforced Vietnamese culture and cuisine in the household and pride their commitment to fine, responsible ingredients, delicate processes and unwavering freshness. Today, the legacy continues, with the values of its founders in the fore-front: to bring fresh, tasty, high-quality, traditional Vietnamese meats and meals to your family dinner table.


Huong Duyen Products
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